Instil Counselling

What is therapy?

We all have the capacity for growth, given the right conditions. Part of what therapy can be is the creation of a space where those conditions are met. During our 50 minute sessions, we will work toward a common goal. My role is to try to understand your lived experiences, in a confidential, non-discriminatory environment. Not to judge you. But most importantly therapy is about what you want to use the time and space for.

Is therapy for me?

Some people think of counselling as a last resort. We often keep our problems to ourselves, we compound all that feeling and pain and it emerges in our day to day lives in different ways, depression, stress, anxiety etc. allowing them to build up, leaving us feeling overwhelmed.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My belief is that counselling can be helpful for everyone. Counselling is about understanding yourself better and exploring your own mind and emotions. Often the environment we inhabit and our relationships can strongly affect our mental wellbeing, whether it be our workplace, home or social life. Sometimes we lose our way and exploring ourselves in a safe environment can be the help we need. Change doesn't have to be huge but it can be meaningful.

What I offer

The type of therapy I’m trained in is humanistic, which means that I seek to treat people as individuals, rather than as a collection of labels. Often we reduce ourselves to the narrow parameters of our perceived negative thoughts and feelings. Exploring these thoughts and feelings to understand where they come from, can help us confront them, resolve them, heal, and work towards acceptance.

Additional Information

My fee is £55 per session

Each session will last 50 minutes and will take place at the same time on a weekly basis, to ensure consistency throughout the process.

At the moment I am taking clients on Tuesday evenings, but may have other slots on other days depending on availability.

All sessions take place in conjunction with the BACP ethical framework.